Right Job is your Right!
Right Method
to find it is..

Path to find your Matching Job


Select Industry and Areas of Work

First choose the Industry & Area of your work to narrow down your questions from over 5000 data points and find your Matching Job


Answer Customized, Profile Relevant Questions

Your selection then helps you flow through relevant questions that answer what recruiters are exactly looking for.


View Ranked List of Matching Jobs

And there you have it, your matching jobs according to the profile you selected, that too shown according to their matching percentage to every job opening.


Check Match/Mismatch & Shortlist

Now, check which profile you match/mismatch & by exactly how much to help you apply for the best job for you!


Check out your
Value Portrait

What's more, get your Value Portrait that showcases the true you! No more CVs, no more resumes!

Relevant is 'Right'

We capture your capabilities through our Question Based Process. Most relevant out of 5000+ Data Points are used to Map your Capabilities. Our Patented Process involves Artificial Intelligence to generate Prioritised Matches.

Bear in mind, Recruiters want to know your definition of 'Right' Job.

Tell them now

There are 1000s of Jobs,
but we believe,
you are not crowd!

Your Value gets you the 'Right Job'


Report scarcity of qualified applicants


talent shortage is the biggest challenge


Felt the 2016 market was candidate-driven

..or you think they are yet to Meet You..

Showcase your capabilities

Thoughts from the Right Space

Not getting Right Candidates?

Know why current job..

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Not Happy with your Job

The Problems & the Solution

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