Transcend the Boundaries of Keywords, Ascend your Career.

JobMosis is a Start-up founded in 2017 that aims to provide a prudent way to identify the most
compatible candidatesin an extremely rapid, accurate and objective manner.
This IP protected solution is poised to accelerate the way for screening candidates in a disruptive manner.

Why JobMosis


Recruitment made simple by replacing conventional random keywords with a far more relevant vocabulary of job capabilities, commonly understood by recruiters & candidates alike.


With relevantly captured required job capabilities, matching is accurately determined on the basis of a ranked compatibility score for every profile.


With over 5000 data points to analyse using our Patented AI based Intelligent Matching Grid, getting your Right profile becomes Your Right!

Presently, use of JobMosis is by invitation only

Let's Revolutionize Recruitment.

Story Behind the Name

We observed. We got intrigued. We created.

The recruitment market contained grave inefficiencies. Candidates and Recruiters functioned on keywords, laid out in abundance. They communicated with each other using these keywords, without knowing their relevance in the job profile.

We desired a process based on relevancy- where only the necessary information could be passed on. Increased efficiency in recruitment, was the ultimate goal. For this, an in-depth Question-Answer format was chosen, common to candidates and recruiters. The relevant information from this format i.e. the degree of compatibility will be passed on to both.

This concept saw multiple similarities with the process of osmosis. Only the relevant would be passed on, which would result in efficiency. Being a part of the Recruitment Industry, we decided on the name JobMosis.

Joint the Recruitment Revolution