How to attract qualified applicants and avoid Skills Mismatch.

How to attract qualified applicants and avoid Skills Mismatch.

”Your current job responsibilities do not match our criteria. Sorry!!”

This is an example of clear mix up resulting from ‘Keyword Search’. The recruiter wishes a Project manager, – male candidate, age 30-35, 5-8 years work experience, from a small to medium sized firm, handled minimum 10 projects independently, with team size 20-35, in Asia Pacific Location. He is expected to carry out project planning, budgeting, making MIS reports and client interaction.

Based on these keywords, the profiles which pop up on job portals are- Business Analyst, Assistant Manager for MIS, VBA Developer, Team Member- Project management, Construction and Contracting Manager! They can be- between age 25-45, having 0-1, 1-3, 3-5, 5-7, 7-10 years of work experience, worked in small/medium sized firms, worked on 0-10 projects, in any location.

See the issue? Keywords! They are misleading. In an interview which is based solely on the Job Title ‘Project Manager’ is not conducive. It wastes the valuable time and energy of the Expert Panel conducting the Interview. They don’t/can’t brief the HR well about the exact expectations from the profile and also, HR is no Subject Matter Expert. HR only uses the keywords to find candidates. Since the job portals only use these job titles as keywords, a whole bunch of results appear, which aren’t of any use.  

Let us now take a step to avoid keywords while finding qualified applicants, using JobMosis. It is a new and disruptive tool determined to help candidates find a fitting job and recruiters find compatible candidates. It uses a ‘question and answer’ method to make sure candidates and recruiters stay on the same page. It will save your valuable time and energy by providing the best matching profiles, within a matter of few seconds!

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