Current Recruitment Process & its Limitations

Current Recruitment Process & its Limitations

The Panel Perspective


Experts come together in crisis or conventions. Their time is at a precious to the organisation. Who wouldn’t agree that only the most eligible candidates should be taken to the expert’s panel for an interview? It is opportune enough to assess the current recruitment scene for efficiency at the ‘panel interviews’ stage.

Screening of CVs by HR person has limitations of keywords. Thus, the HR person’s skill of assigning keywords to the JD, decides the quality of screening. This leaves room for lesser relevant candidates to walk into the panel interviews. So, trying to save screening time by help of keywords, may not deliver the desired results anyway. Whether it saves time in the overall process? Let us proceed to see.

Apparently, there is no mechanism by which the panel can have a list of pin point questions for each candidate. Besides, the candidate is required to be told about granularities of the job requirement at this stage. This makes the panel build a conversation with candidates during interviews. The classic probing game takes place. This creates all possibilities of subjective and differing opinions, among panel members. Needless to say, each interview takes longer to conclude.

Complexities only get added in case of Walk-in interviews. Usually, such interviews happen on weekends. The panel members are subjected to overworking. First come first served method usually takes further toll on the panel members. On the spot scanning of profiles and scheduling the interviews becomes difficult. There is a higher probability that better relevant candidates may leave. Mind you, loss of time in this activity increases cost of recruitment.

Any wise recruitment professional would seek better efficiency. If you are a recruiter, here are the questions you may want to pose;

“Can there be a better way to scan candidate profiles before the panel interviews?”

“Can the candidates be prioritised in a better way, for scheduling interviews?”

“Can the panel members have a list of pin point questions for each candidate?”

“Can all this happen even in a walk-in interviews scenario?”

The answer is a strong ‘YES’. At JobMosis, we ask the most relevant questions and at the right juncture. This creates candidate’s single page Value Portrait in less than 10 minutes. It reflects the true, ground level exposure unique to the candidate. Each Value Portrait created by JobMosis highlights the areas for pin point discussion. Our ‘Compare View’ gets ready in seconds. It helps you prioritize candidates for scheduling of interviews based on the degree of alignment between candidate profiles and job requirements.

The future of recruitment is happening right here at ‘’. Simply, answer the right questions to know your value. Just, ‘Add Job to Life’!

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