Not Satisfied at Job : Its Consequences & Solution

Not Satisfied at Job : Its Consequences & Solution

“Wow, I’m so excited for my new job. It pays well, is close to my home and the company culture seems great!”

But wait. Are these only reasons to be satisfied at a new job? What about the job expects from you? What about your skills? Will the new job make most of your skill and also add value to your life?

If you are wondering about these questions, then it’s time to ponder over the following points as well! They will after all determine whether you will be content at work and also provide inputs on your work-life balance.

  1. The Interview was only about you! The interviewer did not reveal the tasks which you will perform or even about the on going activities in the organisation.The information provided by the interviewer seemed to be restricted to the periphery, not beyond that. That’s because it hasn’t been imbibed to know precisely, what the job demands from us. Often, this leads to a mismatch and culminates into one of the major reasons to have meagre value.
  1. Once you know realise that you competencies aren’t in alignment with the job role, the intensity of working, attention span of working on a task and the mere wish to work, goes for a toss. Gradually, you will lose interest in the job. Now, you have two options- Resign or continue as it is (money surely is important, but is it only thing which is important to job satisfaction?)
  1. Resignation will prove to be only a temporary solution. You will end up searching for jobs, yet again! We all know how cumbersome that is! A slightly long lasting solution might to be to learn what the current job desires you to perform. Learning never goes waste, but does it always help? What if the new lessons appear to be futile to you? What if they are not in alignment with your likes and strengths? Will you learn something for the sake of it, only to regret it later? That doesn’t seem to be pragmatic.

A permanent solution to this is to find/use a platform which will capture your exact capabilities and also the degree of these capabilities. Once you are mindful about your exact competencies, you will know which job has the potential to bring to the most satisfaction. Using your answers, JobMosis will provide you with a Value Portrait- an intelligent way to represent yourself. It will recognise the value you bring to the table and make you identify it as well. This value will bring you jobs with scores, to determine your compatibility. The job expectations vs your skillset will be now represented in a numerical score which will help you choose the best job!

Now, Job Search won’t be lengthy, boring and tiring, it will be exciting, only with JobMosis!

Simply log on to and add job to your life!


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