Here’s why Resumes are dead. Value Potrait can help you Find Right Job!

Here’s why Resumes are dead. Value Potrait can help you Find Right Job!

With technology moving ahead leaps and bounds every passing day, everything around us is being updated. Recruiters are using advanced methods like AI, Video Resumes, Social Media etc because of which resumes are dead. Every process and way in which things were done, need to change with times. Well, if this is the truth, how can the HR process be left out of the updation regime? We have seen a great amount of changes to the ways in which recruitment process functions. The recruitment advertisements have moved ahead from Newspapers with limited access, to online websites and social networks accessible to everyone at just a click. This in itself is a huge development.

What’s wrong with Resumes?

However, this has only eased out the process of communication between the employers and prospective candidates. The candidates have been sending their representative profiles in the same old Resumes or Curriculum Vitae as we term it. There has been NO change to this process until now. These old formats do not give a complete idea about the applicants. All they do is lay out basic information about the qualifications and prior experience. However, this information isn’t sufficient for employers looking to assess whether the candidate is suitable to the organisation or if he/she possesses the soft skills required for the role or possess skills which cannot be mentioned using just certificates and experience timelines. Additionally, these resumes pile up with the recruiters and in more cases than not, most of these are irrelevant for the role. These practices result in a huge loss of time and resources in shortlisting the relevant applications. This is why practices like ‘keywords in resumes’ cropped up to save some time. However, as discussed in the earlier blog, these practices actually result into even more inefficiency!

resumes are dead

Here’s why Resumes are dead!

So, what would fill in this gap in the process of job applications? There haven’t been too many efforts in this area. Most of the hiring websites have introduced the ‘keyword search’ and have settled for just that. As the businesses grow, recruiters have lesser & lesser time to go through the applications received. The long ongoing practice of posting resumes has now started taking its toll on both, the employers and the applicants. Employers end up spending precious time, money & efforts scanning through the humongous amount of data they get. Candidates post their applications to every available opportunity in the market and have to keep waiting for a response. This process many a times also ends up matching the wrong candidates for available roles.

All this mess, is anybody going to solve it?

JobMosis has now come up with an evaluation system which values capabilities to match profiles. By answering only relevant questions related to one’s capabilities and experience, their ‘Value Portrait’ is created. This portrait is then matched to specific job roles in real time using our Patented Capability Matching Grid that uses AI to do the matching, thus reducing the amount of time and effort required for finding the right applicants.

Lets’s summarize:

With technology taking over the part of describing the candidates, CVs / Resumes are dead. With the increasing hiring requirements and decreasing time, it won’t be surprising to see techniques like these phasing out the older ones. So bid adieu to the outdated format lying on your storage, and embrace the Value Portrait. Stop shooting out emails which land in black holes, and start applying to new roles using the portrait. All the best with your new way of job hunting!

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